Sell Your Creations




Do you have an innovative product that could be sold successfully on IXSPIRITWEAR?

We are scouting for custom, unique, handmade and highly creative fashion, jewelry, swimwear and products, to be promoted and sold by us on the site!

The Rules:

  1. We will survey your current inventory for special unique items that we think our audience would be interested in purchasing.
  2. And include your items on our online store and newsletter, including promoting your items throughout our entire social media network to help it sell FASTER.
  3. We will negotiate a sales price or commission rate that supports both you and us as your online retail partner, but you as the creator will handle the shipping of your item directly to the customer in a speedy manner ( 2-10 days = regular shipping speed). 
  4. For our own IXSPIRITWEAR items, we charge $6 flat rate shipping in the U.S. with special $10 rates for International. We also don't charge after a $75 order within the U.S. We urge you to share our same rates for consistency. 
  5. Our Brand Ambassadors are gifted $5 commission per item, including if they sell one of your creations. This is powerful to help sell your brand! We will pay our Brand Ambassadors directly from overall funds $5 per item. 
  6. Once item has been shipped and received by the client and they are satisfied with purchase, (we will confirm) we will release funds for payment immediately your way via Paypal.
  7. We will give customers ONLINE STORE CREDIT or a GIFT CARD if unsatisfied with your product, but they must return item to you first. Full refunds will be on a case-by-case basis.
  8. We are mid-level promoters, meaning any errors in shipping will be handed between the Creator and the Customer and this includes exchanges, but we will contact the customer primarily on your behalf as representation of the Creator and under IXSPIRITWEAR. 
  9. We ask for you to equally lead traffic to the site to support all of our Creator's sales via your own promotion of IXSPIRITWEAR.
  10. Creators may also become Brand Ambassadors and make a commission for referring paid clients to us.
  11. If your items sell without our direct participation, we ask you to update us so we don't continue to promote or sell already sold items. 
  12. We invite you to also receive an interview feature on our site to further promote your to higher levels of success!

We hope to have you join the IXSPIRITWEAR Family!Sign up for a free consultation below!