Our Creative Mission


" Why did I start IXSPIRITWEAR?"

by IXSpiritWear Founder, Emily Correa


To help raise the voice and power of creatives!

As a creative entrepreneur and artist myself who has spent many years in academia and corporate, juggling my many creative projects on the side, now has come a time for my own personal freedom to express my love for the arts via fashion and help create opportunities for paid work for other creators in my first online marketplace.


"Art is my Religion" is a Universal Message that is felt by All Creatives.


 Because pursuing art is:

  • a Belief in one's visions of Beauty and Destruction which tell a Story + a Truth
  • a Personal Ritual
  • and a Celebration of One's Life Experience and Layers of Subconscious

  Being an artist is the highest honor of a human being as we were all created by a Higher Power. It is the continuation of the creative life force we are all born with by following our own spiritual inclinations to design, play and create with earth's resources.

It requires great bravery to be an artist

But traditional society does everything to break down or shame the artist, so we THINK AND WORRY ABOUT SUPERFICIAL, MATERIALISTIC THINGS and lose our artistry..deplete our creativity and essentially move away from our feelings and intuition. 

The beauty of a life of artist is in the lack of perfection in our work...the experimentation..the fluidness in our ideas of creation...that is all about living in the "flow of life" and is what keeps us free.  

Do you agree? Will you be brave?

What is a mirror towards society, reflecting our human condition if we are afraid to go for it as artists? If we think we don't deserve to be paid for our art or we aren't good enough artists? Or if we think making just one purchase from our fellow artists doesn't matter. IT DOES GREATLY. So be brave.... 

I urge you to consider purchasing an "Art is my Religion" shirt for yourself or a fellow artist, or another work of art...that I personally discovered on my own adventures looking for the creative light that resides in another.  

JUST ONE ACTION like that creates a Butterfly Effect throughout my creative network...where in a small but then substantial way...changes the lives of all parties, co-creators and artists in this new project.  

You can find us here: https://www.facebook.com/IXSpiritWear/