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Do you want become an IXSPIRITWEAR Brand Ambassador?

Do you have a huge social media following on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and/or Twitter?

Then we invite you to apply to be an IXStar!


  1. We will help build your social media following by having you blog your journey, take IG pictures, write how "Art is your Religion", do a Youtube video, even interview other artists!
  2. We will help connect you to photographers to get a photoshoot done with you rocking our shirt and even our partner's items!
  3. Become an All-Star and you can win cash prizes and other rewards!



  1. We will give you a secret promo code to purchase your own custom "Art is my Religion" Tank or Shirt at 50% off retail ($15) shipping not included. (Flat $6 or FREE PICK UP at our Boutique in Coral Gables, Florida.)
  2. Regular pricing is $29.99, so you are saving half!
  3. We will reward you $5 per order of an IXSPIRITWEAR shirt or any of our creative partners items by your friends on social media or in your network! 
  4. You will be given your own CODE via our affiliate program so you can keep track of your side income with us.
  5. All you have to do is WEAR your shirt in public and share your creative! Create a Youtube video and we will add to our own IXSPIRITWEAR Youtube, on the site and all of our social media promoting you to increase your OWN SALES. 
  6. Each reward adds up! $5 + $5 + $5 + $5 = $20 paid! We will pay you 1st of the month. you can make HUNDREDS maybe even thousands a year by simply being an IXStar!
  7. Promote our site all year long...wear your shirt to the gym, on the beach, at the bar..
  8. Special Ambassadors will be gifted with your own business cards with your new TITLE and CODE to support your new endeavor. 
  9. Share the movement...get rewards and perks, free publicity, tickets to our Innova X events, free photoshoots...

Sign up below and if you sign up a friend who purchases our shirt, becomes an IXStar and does their first post share, we will gift you with an additional $10 as a bonus!